Hotel Eco sostenibile


We are eco-sustainable

The hotel puts a great focus on technology at the service of the environment, as we want to help make our Earth better. Thus in our own small way, we have created a hotel where the use of technology allows us to create a better future for our planet.

The hotel is a structure with low environmental impact, with a high thermal-insulation thermal coating (the annex can be classified as a Passivhaus),aluminium frames with thermal break and triple glazing (the Design House has wooden frames), which all reduce the dispersion of heat.

We use electricity from renewable sources. In fact, the hotel has a photovoltaic plant which produces electricity from the sun and a solar thermal plant: a water system which uses the heat of the sun to produce hot water for all the rooms’ showers and bathrooms. The entire central building is heated in winter and cooled in summer thanks to a modern inverter heat pump system by Aermec, a leading air conditioning company, as well as a biomass (pellet) boiler.

Home automation systems control the indoor climate, ensuring the maintenance of temperature and humidity parameters, which are the basis of each person’s physical well-being.

All the systems are designed to reduce pollution and water consumption without detracting from the comforts we are all used to.


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